Holy Island Artist   John Tierney  Lindisfarne


J.M.W. Turner was reputed to have gone to extraordinary lengths in his quest to capture wild and colourful scenes of nature. He was largely self-taught and spent many hours sketching in the open air so as to immerse himself in the often dramatic scenes that he depicted. This watercolour of Holy Island, Northumberland shows waves lashing the shore as a powerful storm threatens a small group of bystanders who are struggling to safety.re ..


John Varley


Thomas Girtin

Visiting Holy Island Artists

girtin st marys

Hugh Thompson


JohnVarley 1810

st cuth john of ipswich moore b 1877

John of Ipswich Moore 1877

john of ipswich moore 1888

John of Ipswich Moore

448px-t-homas_girtin_interior_of_lindisfarne_prior bernard benedict henry 1845 1913 thomas swift hutton 1850 1935 paintings-hutton-holyisland thomas swift hutton GEORGE CLARKSON STANFIELD 1828 1878 2013-02-11_234850 l george langlands 2012-11-26_183612 2012-11-26_183926 thomas miles richardson

Thomas Miles Richardson..

thomas girtin 1797

Thomas Girtin 1797

2013-10-31_210009 samuel pepys cockerell george reid 1880 s hooper 1785 engraved print joseph alfonso toft GEORGE CLARKSON STANFIELD 1828 1878