Holy Island Artist   John Tierney  Lindisfarne

Original Oil Paintings For Sale

2018-06-11_102039 Lindisfarne Shed heavenly sky 1

Heavenly Sky ,  A most gorgeous big morning Holy Island sky . This original oil painting has painterly beautiful colours you would think it was painted with pastels or watercolours, one of johns favourites .

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   On Earth as it is in Heaven      ( Northumbrias jewel in the crown Holy Island now has heavenly status ,Anyone seeing this picture especially those living on Holy Island will always now forever see the plough representing  Holy Island and its causeway in the heavens )  as the shape of the plough is virtually the same shape as the causeway & Holy Island

  John the artist had just finished the painting of Holy Island with the Plough constellation above Holy Island and showed it to his brother Jimmy, Jim said " Wow  john look at the stars "John looked and said " yes i put the Plough in " Jimmy said "No its not that " its the shape of the Plough it is virtually the same shape as Holy Island and the causeway " John hadnt realised this coincidence before,     Then the process of waiting for a suitable title for the painting, inspiration came after 3 weeks waiting, when John was at Revd Rachel Poolmans St Cuthberts Centre on the island and praying the Lords prayer when the title came  to him "On Earth as it is in Heaven "

     John thought it was pretty amazing to find his inspiration from the Lords Prayer , and on Johns return from church was affixing the title to the painting in the gallery when 2 beautiful ladies with huge smiles appeared in the doorway,they didnt really look around and picked up 2 prints each and stood staring at john,then one said "Hi John we are messengers and have been asked to deliver a message to you from the cosmos, and the message is simply " thank you, and thank you for seeing " no more was said they paid for the prints and went on their way,      John has his own thoughts on what happened that morning .     The painting is now sold

      The painting was inspired by a  photograph taken by  photographer,  www.timBerrall.com




2018-11-05_145746 br still 20190331_131625 20190331_131653 20190331_131722

Number 1 used for paintings in 2014/15      £60

Number 2 used for paintings in 2016


Number 3 used for paintings  in 2017/18


A unique opportunity to own an original oil painting  palette used by Holy Island artist John Tierney between opening the gallery 2014 and 2018 . 

Over the last 5 years many customers have requested to buy one ot these collector pieces . a piece of art in their own right , Each one comes with a Certificate of Authenticity .

20190618_105300 el 20190824_135532

An Island Set Apart Sold to a resident on the island

SOLD to a resident of Holy Island

2019 palette[1]

SOLD Latest Palette 2019   Gone to Swindon

leaflet beatles i love my holy island cuddys island

I Love my Holy Island SOLD to a collector

SOLD to Laura & Matt from Stocksfield in Northumberland




  Original oil large  very Turneresque

A Peaceful Day

20200306_145424 20200306_145424

Too Funny

Hudson who owned the castle requested a meeting with Lutyens in London to persuade him to develop it into a home ,    Lutyens then wrote a letter to his wife explaining that he was asked to develop a home 3 miles out to sea, and finishing with the words Its Too funny.    Therefore this oil painting is dedicated to both men .


The Olde Man gone to dorset


Breathtaking Sold gone to Newcastle

resting on lindisfarne

Lilac Lindisfarne


A Sea Full of Stars SOLD


20200223_162104 a summers night

These 2 have gone to William in London  as a pair

SOLD Gone to Wiltshire

SOLD ...to island residents





Early Morning Walk  print Also in large canvas 80 x 60

early morning walk IMG_1604095099575

Sold and gone to Helen for her 60th ,

Ringsfield in Suffolk


A Window to Heaven

BUY £1250 20210224_141948 20210224_141340 BUY £495

The Lady Original oil

30 X 20 Inches canvas

Holy Island Summers morning

A Summers Morning approx 14 x 12 in total

Calm on the Bay


Approx framed size 13 x 11 inches



Blessed Island

26 x 18 canvas board

BUY original oil £495

Heavenly Light

Original oil


Grace Darlings " Saving Grace "





Beauty SOLD to Marc and Nadine in Skipton