Holy Island Artist   John Tierney  Lindisfarne

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This is the painting that the exhibition is named after,depicting St Cuthberts Isle , with the mainland in the background .

A happy Pilgrim crossing the sands

Morning Glory  

             " INSPIRED "


A Quiet morning in the Bay   Holy Island

signed Ltd edition giclee print of 30 only £45

Upturned Herring Boat

Sheds with a View

HOLY ISLAND PAINTING (2) HOLY ISLAND PAINTING 2012-08-05_195419 sunset across the causeway

Shafts of Light

Sunset across the Causeway

Watercolour painting  six wet feet

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photo taken Easter 2013

Calm just after the Storm

Add to cart She stands proud (3) Lindisfarne castle

She Stands Proud

Holy Island Visitors

Heavenly Light



DSC03927 K4a[1] lady of lindisfarne photo shop

Rolling Sea

Ancient Footsteps

The Lady of Lindisfarne

six wet feet ghostly monk

Appearance of a ghostly monk with blue grey hair and a chain round his neck holding out his hand with something sparkling , to a lady in a shawl holding a baby to her chest. this was just recently discovered 4 years after the painting was sold

Ghostly monk Morning Glory

20161209_122958 2015-05-07_194237 - Copy

Four Lads Who Shook the World